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The basic idea behind introducing SAP (System Applications and Products) was to provide the customers the ability to interact with common corporate databases for a comprehensive range of applications. SAP is an integrated ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to make business process work efficiently.


SAP testing process is usually divided into three phases −

Test Planning

Test System setup

Test Execution and evaluation


Test Planning

Test planning includes the steps that are involved in the initial phase of testing.

Gathering the requirement. What needs to be tested? Functional requirements to be collected for system and application testing.

Test-case development for manual and automation testing. In automation testing, various tools can be used for creating test-cases.

Test System Setup

Test system setup involves setting up the test environment to run the test-cases. Here, the tester needs to define key metrics for reporting.


Test Execution and Evaluation

Test execution and evaluation involves executing the test-cases and noting down the output. It includes the following activities −

Defect handling and reporting.

Assessment of Test plans as per result.

Documentation of all defects and compare the results with key metrics.

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